Emmanuelle Moors Consulting is an independent consultancy providing structuring and financing advice and services to project founders, investors and other stakeholders involved in energy transition and climate-friendly projects of all sizes.



We provide our clients with expert, tailored and independent advice in the areas of project and company valuation ; business model and project structuring ; fundraising.


Project and Company Valuation

We are staunch believers in the Garbage-In-Garbage-Out (GIGO) philosophy.

Sound inputs and a proper methodology for financial forecast and valuation is fundamental, just like using quality ingredients and a good recipe for preparing a great meal. EMC supports existing and new investors with the following services:

  • Project economic and financial modelling
  • Review of key project assumptions
  • Sensitivity analyses
  • Project and equity valuation methodology 
  • IRR calculations
  • Investment premium calculations


Business Model and Project Structuring


Safe foundations are essential for a project to be palatable to equity and debt providers. EMC provides advice in:

  • Business plan review
  • Financial due diligence
  • Project economic and financial modelling
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Hedging strategies
  • Project financing strategy

In addition, EMC can draw in its partners for a one-stop full-package or an à la carte menu to further support projects in the areas of tax and legal advice; risk analysis and insurance placement; and green financing scouting and applications.


Fund raising

Professional management of the fund-raising process and timeline are essential for a successful take-off of projects. EMC provides advice and services in:

  • Financing strategy (debt, equity, grants)
  • Identification of potential fund providers
  • Finance close planning
  • Presentations to selected fund providers and other key stakeholders
  • Review and negotiation of  finance documentation
  • Management of finance close and conditions precedent until the first and successive drawdowns as need be
  • Alternative exit strategies for investors


EMC also provides consultancy services in finance transformation projects and can deliver training in project finance.



We provide our clients with independent advice and management services to support their finance transformation projects.



We deliver in-house training in project finance.